Drama at Robertsbridge Community College is a lively and popular subject, both within the curriculum and as an extra-curricular activity. It builds successful relationships, raises confidence levels and improves skills needed in all subject areas.

Drama at Key Stage 3:

The curriculum is accessible to all, enabling every student to achieve; encouraging creativity, social skills and boosting self-esteem.

In Year 7 the main aims are to develop confidence, cooperation and begin to work on basic Drama skills. The curriculum covers Mime and Movement, Acting from a Script and a Design and Technical project. All Year 7’s perform in a production of ‘Toad of Toad hall’ at the end of the year for parents.

In Year 8 the basic skills are developed. Emphasis is on performance and work is then evaluated. A variety of topics are covered including a comic version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, a scene from ‘West Side Story’, TV Comedy Scripts and Pantomime. At the end of the year one or two groups from each class are chosen to perform ‘The Gruffalo’ to local Primary Schools.

Drama at Key Stage 4:

GCSE Drama course is in two sections:

60% of the final mark is made up from a variety of assessments performed during the course. These assessments may be taken from the following: Acting from a Script, Improvisation, Devising, Theatre In Education, Physical Theatre, Stage Lighting, Make Up, Sound, Puppets, Masks, Stage Management, Props, Set Design and Costume.

40% of the final mark is in the form of a final written exam and is one and a half hours in length. In the written exam students describe, analyse and evaluate their own work in rehearsals and performance. They also evaluate the work of professional actors, designers and technicians, having watched their work in live performance.

Extra-curricular Events:

We aim to have one major production every year, in which the Drama, Music and Art Departments collaborate. We also stage a number of different events performed by students of all ages and abilities throughout the year.

Drama Club runs once a week at lunchtime and is very popular. This runs when we are not rehearsing for the major annual production.

Young Theatre Promoters

The Young Theatre Promoters are a group of eleven Year 9 & 10 students who are interested in the process of promoting theatre events. They have been meeting since the beginning of the year and with the help and funding of HRAEN and APPLAUSE Rural Touring have already put on one successful show. This show was ‘The Magnificent Men’ by the Ornate Johnsons & the Foundry Men. Many people enjoyed this very funny play based on the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic by these stars of the Edinburgh Fringe.

The YTP students organise, book, advertise, run front of house, set up venue etc. for the event – not an easy task as they have very quickly discovered. However, they are keen to continue with future promotions – watch this space!