About EduLink One

We understand that parents like to be kept updated and informed about their child’s education and progress, and we value the ability to keep in regular contact with you so that our partnership with you is effective and efficient.
With this in mind, the College makes use of a series of tools under the name ‘EduLink’ which:
Provide access to your son / daughter’s reports.
Enable you to access up-to-the-minute information about your child, including for example, his / her attendance and timetable.
Ensure that email communications from College staff to you are efficient, and enable the ability to easily respond directly to staff that have been in touch with you.
Provide the ability to make appointments online / via the app for Parents’ Evenings, so that you can directly book the slots that best suit you.
We will be phasing in various parts of the service over time, so not all of this information may be available quite yet, and as the system continues to be developed other features may come online which have not been mentioned above, such as access to behaviour information and the ability to see what homework has been set for your child.
The system can be accessed online from modern web browsers such as Chrome or Internet Explorer, or via a dedicated app which can be obtained from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.
You can find further information in a short parent guide which can be downloaded below:

About Your Account
(and getting hold of your account details)

From time to time we send out emails to parents that have not previously used EduLink, either because their child is new to the College, or because they’ve not yet made use of account details previously supplied. These emails contain similar information to that on this page, but also provide parent login details.
If you’re not sure of your account details and need to use them then the following information may help you find the email you need.
When account information is sent out it’s part of a fairly detailed email. Try running a search on your emails for ‘EduLink,’ ‘Robertsbridge,’ ‘account’ or similar terms.
The last emails sent which contained account details for parents were sent on 19th October 2018. If your child was at the College before this date, and you are a parent (with legal parental responsibility), and you’ve provided the College with a functional email address then you should have been provided with EduLink account details.
If you’ve previously logged on to EduLink then no further emails containing account details are usually sent (so if you’ve lost them, you may need to search back further in your emails).
If you know your username (and the school ID: rcc) but you’ve forgotten your password, it is possible to reset your password. To do so, follow the steps in the box below:
Resetting your password:
• Open up the app, or browse to the web portal
• Enter the school ID (RCC) and your username
• In the password field, type anything at all
• Hit the Log In button
• The login will fail but next to the password field a ‘Forgot password?’ link will appear
• Click this and you will be able to reset your password

How Your Child Can Also Access EduLink

Your son / daughter also has EduLink access. They access this the same way you do, and use the same school ID (rcc), but in place of your username and password, they use the same account details that they use to log on to the PCs in the College.


Occasionally some parents that like to make use of the mobile app find that the pop-up notifications are something that they don’t need. In common with many phone apps, these notifications aren’t turned off within the app itself, but via the settings on your mobile device. On an Android, for example, you can find these settings in this approximate location (phones vary!): Settings > Apps > select EduLink One > click into Notifications > set to Block All.
If you’ve got the correct login details but the app isn’t doing something you’d expect, it’s worth checking as a first step if there’s an update available for the EduLink app (or your phone operating system). The EduLink portal and app are constantly being developed and improved, so it is helpful to keep this particular app up-to-date so that you can use all of the features effectively.
Not sure of your account details
Please see the 'About Your Account' section above.