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    Friends of Robertsbridge Community College Registered Charity Number 114598

    The very small band of volunteers try and raise the money for the ‘nice to have’ items that are not funded by the ever decreasing education budget.  These items enhance the learning experience for a range of pupils and support the teachers to provide the right learning environment or special materials and resources.

    We can only respond to funding requests if parents support events and initiatives that we set up.

    Times have changed; gone are the days when FoRCC was raising £9,000 per annum (imagine that!) and the calendar was peppered with quizzes, race nights and raffles.  The Primary School days of meeting in the playground are gone and students are bussed in from all points of the compass.

    Now, quite often all we ask you to do is ‘click’.  We have moved with the times and found a group of online retailers who will donate a percentage of what you spend online to our cause.  This beats running into Woolworths to ask for a prize for the raffle but YOU, the parents have to register.  Please check out or click on the link at the bottom of the page to register, put our ‘cause’ as your chosen charity and they will do the rest each time you shop through the site.  Amazon, Marks and Spencers, book a holiday – you name it, you can contribute without any expense to you or delay to your delivery.

    Lost property is frustrating for parents, pupils and college staff.  Hence we found a label company who are prepared to give us a small commission on anything you spend.  Check out  and look for Robertsbridge Community College on the list when you checkout.  Whether you prefer stick on or sew on – they have a label for you!

    A couple of times a year we invite you to donate your unwanted clothing and shoes as we participate in a textile recycling scheme.  We often send your student home with a bag in which to put your donations but in reality any bag will do.  Better still, the college allows us to store your unwanted textiles so you can donate at any time of year.  Now, it’s not for us to suggest which items you donate, but, 1970’s flared denim is usually the heaviest!  We leaflet drop the roads nearest the college and local residents have been very generous in their support without having students at the school.

    We’re busy parents too.  We too have ‘better things to do’, but we know the ‘stats’ that say the more engaged parents are with their child’s school the more likely that results follow. This whole ‘parenthood’ thing is about collaboration with school, not combat.  You can do as much or as little as you like.  Please make yourself known to Reception Staff at the College if you would like to join the ‘gang’ or, from within the comfort of your own home, please jump aboard some of the initiatives that we have put in place.

    We try to meet once a term.  Dates and times vary but are published via Parentmail.  Meetings are brief and attended by College Staff and committee members.