Computing and ICT

The Computing and ICT department at Robertsbridge Community College provides students with opportunities to experience a range of software applications and hardware to develop their understanding and confidence in a highly dynamic subject. Digital skills are crucial to success in the world of work; therefore the curriculum is designed to provide students with these vital skills. Students in KS3 will cover topics such as:

  • Emailing – etiquette and structure
  • E-safety – using the Internet safely
  • Developing an Interactive Multimedia Product
  • Sound and video editing
  •  Web Design using HTML
  • An understanding of the basic computing components; hardware and software
  • Design and create a game; coding the solution using Scratch
  • Programming concepts using Python
  • Legislation – Copyright, Health & Safety

At KS4 students can choose ICT as a GCSE option, where they will study the subject in greater depth.