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    Student Council and Prefects

    College council members are selected on an annual basis following an application and interview system. Any student can apply to be a member of the council.

    All Senior Prefects are automatic members and the Deputy Head Girl and Boy share responsibility for chairing the meetings which are held once a fortnight.

    All students are encouraged to take an active part in College life, in fact most students demand it!! Students are involved in many aspects of the decision making process.

    In recent time students have been involved in the appointment of the Headteacher, the design of the outdoor "social space" and regularly show visitors around the College.

    Students are encouraged to apply for positions on the Student Council and during Year 10 to become College Prefects in the final year.

    College Council meets every two weeks to discuss a range of issues affecting student life. Senior Prefects meet with the Headteacher on a weekly basis.